A Couple Inspector-Plugin fixes for the next sub version tweak+Feature request

  1. If you paste a copied plugin onto the next open line of the clip inspector, it gets pasted at the end of the signal chain as expected…but if you have the clip’s plugin window open and paste a plugin onto the “+” sign, it gets placed ahead of the last plugin in the chain. This would have the unfortunate effect of placing your final limit plugin ahead of your next to last effect unless you’re paying attention and drag it back to the end of the chain where it belongs.

  2. If you remove a plugin from the clip inspector window, the plugin processing slot is removed with the plugin – This is a far better situation than in Wavelab10 – but if you remove a plugin (right-click, remove) from the clip plugin window, the processing slot remains (at least until the montage is saved and re-opened). My experience is that empty plugin slots are not processing neutral.

  3. Feature request: Load plugin mask. I set up my projects with the full processing chain as clip effects and save each setup as a preset. I frequently like to break up my actual rendering into a couple stages so that when sequencing a project I can go back in and tweak my limiting stage in the final render. It would be useful to establish a “mask” of the plugins that I want to open, and then open my saved plugin chain so that only those plugins I want to load actually get loaded. (EG: limiter dither mask applied to a full eq setup would only load the limiter and dither from that setup). This would save a whole lot of mousing around and copy/paste operations from one montage to another.

The paste option is exactly named “Paste (Insert)”, which means, it shifts the plugins to the right to make room for a slot. I think it does what it should, and I think this is useful.

Indeed, maybe it would be better if the slot completely disappears. But I am 100% sure an empty slot is processing neutral.

I am not sure to understand 100%. Please give an accurate and concrete example, step by step.