A couple of Artist Series Questions

The first question is a Nuendo question regarding the appearance of the events in the project window. I really like the transparent event block view. It makes it a lot easier to work on the grid. However, since I went to this appearance, the cursor no longer makes the little dotted out line when selecting multiple notes, for editing, on MIDI tracks. :open_mouth: I can still access the notes by making the same movement, but I can’t tell if I’m selecting all the notes that I want to edit until after I release the cursor. Is there any way to get the dotted line function to remain visible in transparent block view mode?

The second question is about the “event handles/clip gain feature.” If you access the event handle, located in the middle of the event block, to adjust the volume, you get a numeric readout. But if you use the jog wheel on the MC Control to access the same function you do not get a numeric readout. :question: That omission kind of defeats the convenience of using the wheel. Since you don’t know what the value is, you have to go back to the event handle with the cursor to find out what the adjustment was. Is there something I need, or can adjust in the command structure in order to KEEP THE NUMERIC READOUT when using the jog wheel?

Okay, I guess it was just a glitch that needed to work itself out regarding the range select tool for the MIDI Editor. The dotted line/shade tool is back to visible.

Still wondering about the clip gain/event handle issue though. Any tips on this would be appreciated. :wink:

Assuming you have the Info line made visible for the Project Window (at the top just above the Time Line), changes made to Clip Vol via scrollwheel will be displayed there. The scrollwheel changes the volume in 1dB increments.