A couple of basic scripting questions

Some very basic scripting questions:

  1. Is there any way to change the font in the Script Editor window?

  2. When I edit my script with an external editor, is there any way to force the Script Editor window to reload it without closing and reopening it?

  3. Is there a way to run a script that isn’t open in the Script Editor? (With a shortcut?)

  4. Can I use require or other ECMAscript-standard facilities for loading other files? E.g., I’d like to make a “library” of functions in a script, and then have other scripts load that library and use these functions. (The answer appears to be “no” – feature request? :grin: )

  5. Can I close plugin windows in a script?

Not a direct answer to your questions, but you might want to read the following thread:
WaveLab scripting questions
It’s important to differentiate between Windows-only, ActiveX-based (“COM”) control of WaveLab and the internal scripting engine. The external scripts (on Windows) can be used for automation and edited in any way and in any language that can use ActiveX.

Regarding internal scripting, I will defer to PG for authoritative answers but have a look at @misohoza’s GitHub for VSCode.

Thanks. I am on Mac, so I won’t be doing any ActiveX-based stuff, but I’m pretty interested in scripts to automate my workflows, so I’ll check those resources out. Thanks.