A couple of changes that are needed in Nuendo 6.

As to your second point I can recommend to start typing the name of the plug-in as it reduces the list. It actually helps.

Right. I guess it necessitates knowing the name of the plug to get it to work.

To be honest, I’ve gone for a less-is-more approach for years, so I have very few plugins. Just the bundled stuff plus UAD and iZotope RX. So for me it’s easy to remember the actual names. But yeah, for those who have a lot of plugs it won’t be that easy I guess.

When a group-track is inserted it is always inserted at the bottom of the track list. Please make that it appears where it is inserted (like normal audio-/MIDI-tracks). It’s annoying to scroll down to the bottom of the track list and move the group track to the place where I wanted to insert it.

Preferences / appearance / colors / track type defaults.

  1. Bring back the nesting insert/FX menus. There is way too much clicking and fussing with this new system, whereas before you just had to click once then could easily navigate through your FX lists.

I fail to see the difference. The list -as in previous versions is still displayed, all plugins within their specific section. The only thing that is changed is that there is now a search function added.

What am I missing?


Oh, please - for the love of all the Gods, no!
Personally I much preferto have things rranged as per a real console - audio tracks/channels > Group tracks/channels > FX tracks/channels in that order. Putting Group tracks in the middle of audio tracks would be a navigational nightmare for me (and I suspect many others too).

The only change I would really like to see is the ability to insert a track above the selected one instead of always below it…

“Preferences / appearance / colors / track type defaults.”
I can’t see this. There is no such setting in N6

Preferences / appearance / colors / track type defaults.

This would be exactly what I asked for sometime ago.
Being able to set default track colors per track type.
God I hope this is working the way it sounds.

“Preferences / appearance / colors / track type defaults.”
I can’t see this. There is no such setting in N6

Well maybe not…

colour prefs.PNG

I am also missing this preference:

WHOA. On Mac 10.7.4/N6.0.2 here - I do not have this option either!

Can you guys check your build numbers?

Version 6.02 Build2107 (64bit)- Built on Jan 28 2013

My version also 6.02 Build2107, and missing this option.

I am on Build 2107, also, and I have it…

Big K

Does it work?
Because auto track coloring is broken in Cubase and Nuendo anyway.

I would also wonder if boxed/download versions are different even though the build is the same.
I downloaded and don’t have NEK and don’t see that preference either.

Mine is a download:

v6.0.2, build 2107 (64bit), Jan 28th - NEK

I don’t see the option either.

I downloaded, same numbers as everybody else, and I don’t have it, either. Would like it. Indeed.


Just hold on, a new version is coming soon anyway.


I hope you understand the worry in having the same version and build #'s on two installers yet them providing different software builds. Not saying this is what happened, just that it seems like it.