A couple of little quirks I've noticed...


I’ve been using Dorico for more than a year now and I’ve really enjoyed learning how you guys go about things and couldn’t even imagine going back to my former notation software.

However, there’s a couple of things that I’ve noticed that haven’t gone away in any of the updates (I’ve been around since v. 1.5).

When I switch from Write mode to Engrave mode, the score view jumps around, ie doesn’t stay focused on the bar/item I had selected in the previous mode. This leads to an awful lot of tedious dragging around the score to get back to where I was working before I switched modes.

They key command to open the properties panel (ctrl-8 in Windows) often doesn’t work unless I open (and/or close) the left panel (ctrl-7) first.

Both of these problems seem to be at random and I can’t replicate them all the time, but they happen often enough to be annoying.

If anyone could shed any light on any of these, that’d be great.


  1. Make sure you keep something selected on the page before you switch modes.
  2. The Cmd/Ctrl-0 shortcut sort of works as a toggle. If you’ve toggled all panels off using it, the expectation seems to be that you’ll use Cmd/Ctrl-0 to toggle them back on. Cmd/Ctrl-8 won’t necessarily override Cmd/Ctrl-0.

For me it doesn’t matter if something is selected or not, almost never scrolls to the right place when going from write to engrave.


This has been complained about before and AFAICS it’s better since version 3 but it still happens a bit and I still find it disorienting. It seems to happen less if you don’t have an exact zoom percentage or fit to window selected.

Thanks Vaughan, will try different zoom settings.


Edit: changing zoom from 112% (full page landscape) to 108% makes all the difference.
I also noticed before that with whole page or page width zoom levels, move to next/previous page
doesn’t always work. So I often have to change the zoom slightly.