A couple of odd issues

I’m seeing a couple of issues regularly. One I had been seeing with Dorico Pro 3, and still see with 3.5 and one I’ve been seeing since upgrading to 3.5

  1. In 3.x and 3.5: if I have a project with CFX lite, upon opening that project from a newly launched instance of Dorico (doesn’t seem to happen if Dorico is already running), CFX will either load relatively quickly, or take nearly a minute. If it is a lengthy load, one or two thing will happen. Either Dorico will hang, requiring a force quit, or the project will open, however no sounds, from any library in the project (not just CFX) will play, requiring a quit and relaunch. Relaunching Dorico and the project, after either scenario, will result in the project working as expected. This happens nearly every time a launch a project from cold.

  2. In 3.5 only. From time to time, when “saving as”, Dorico will throw an “Unable to Save” error. This will happen repeatedly and require quitting. When quitting, and choosing to save from the dialogue, Dorico will then no quit. It stays open. The application won’t quit unless I choose not to save changes. Fortunately, so far, the saving upon quitting (which doesn’t quit) does seem to actually save the changes.
    MacOS Catalina

Are these familiar issues?

Welcome to the forum, Rapopoda. Neither of these two issues are familiar to me, but I wonder whether they could be eLicenser-related. Do you use the Soft-eLicenser or the USB-eLicenser?

Hi Daniel
Thanks for the response. I use the soft eLicenser

That’s a pity! I was hoping that you might say you were using the USB-eLicenser. All the same, I’ll send you a link to a release candidate version of eLicenser Control Center, which perhaps you can install and see if it helps you at all. Please check your PM inbox.

I’m having an issue that is possibly similar to the one addressed here. Since upgrading to 3.5 about two weeks ago I’ve gotten the message “error saving file” about six times when I’m just trying to save normally. Following the message I am able to quit and restart (though without my changes!). Mostly it has happened directly cutting a pasting a large section of material, but today it happened after changing a global notation setting. Wondering if it is an install issue…

And I forgot about one odd thing connected to this issue: simultaneous to the error message, my sound gets knocked out. I get no playback sound and when I go into fix it by clicking on the keyboard button to open up halion, “first contact” is loaded to channel 1 instead of the instrument I’m working with.

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