A couple of quickies from a newbie


  1. I’m going through some tut videos and can’t seem to locate the button at top right (‘Window Layout’) which allows you to select what you want docked. e.g. the Control Room Mixer to be docked on the right.

  2. I had a situation where I setup dry/wet mono track pair and successfully reamped my guitar, recorded all fine. But then when I go to audio mixdown and specify only tracks whose outputs go to the Main Master, I still found peculiar behavior because I had to Mute the dry track to get audio to export with sound! The dry track was not routed to Main Master out directly, but is obviously routed through to the wet track which is in turn routed to Main Master out - but overall this result of muting the dry track to be able to export my wet track with sound is strange, anyone come across this?

  3. Is Steinberg support useful? I had trouble submitting a ticket (the web links took me in a circle through their support pages)


Forget 1. Worked it out. For anyone asking the same, this function is now embedded in the mix console, where you have to turn on the ‘show right zone’ button from the top right within this window. This docks the control room mixer.

Any help on 2 or 3 would be appreciated ! Thanks

For #3

I have never had a problem with the one or two support tickets I submitted over the years. I received initial responses in about 24 hours (or less). Never had a the “circle” issues you mentioned. However, I definitely have noticed others have not had such good luck as I have. Bottom line for me… I’m satisfied with their support.

For #2

You should provide some real detail about how the routing for these tracks are set up. Then we can try to help figure out what is going on. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Just submitted a request to US support Sunday evening. Got a reply 2:30pm Monday asking for additional info. Got final answer Tuesday about 12:30pm. Past interactions have also been timely.

I suspect that support varies depending on where you are located.