A couple of simple questions about the recording process

First of all, I have noticed that the is a very small downward facing triangle/arrow at the bottom right hand corner of a track that is being recorded. It will start in the corner and stay in position while the track expands and then it will eventually move over to the right again. I am wondering what this is? I have not found any documentation on it so far.

Second, I am wondering if there is anyway to lock in the track that is being recorded? During the recording process, I can’t seem to be able to make small fader adjustments or even just look at anything on other tracks if it involves clicking anything on them. Every time I do something like that, it switches to recording the audio on that track, separating what was recording prior to me checking on or making an adjustment on another track.

For the 2nd one, try looking in Preferences, I think there is an option to check or uncheck “Arm selected track for recording”, or something similar. This is from memory, sorry if it doesn’t work for you.

Is this little triangle in the lower right corner of the event or the track window? If you have two events overlap each other, (I think it depends on the lane behavior selected) you will get a small triangle in the lower right of the EVENT. If you click on it, it has options for which event is on top (gets played) and also has an option to remove all the other events underneath the one on top where the overlap occurs. Just wondering if this is the triangle you are seeing. Sometimes I see that triangle even when there is no overlap (especially while events are moved or being created/recorded). If I scroll away so it is no longer visible and then come back, it is usually gone (like it was a left over remnant that gets corrected when the picture is redrawn). Does your event overlap with another event?

For Alexis, thanks man. I found what you were talking about and it worked the way I needed it to. I can’t believe that I have over looked this option so many times.

For Jaslan. That is definitely what you are talking about. I can’t select the arrow while recording but It does go away after recording unless there is are two events overlaying another, which gives a couple of options for those events.

Thanks again to both of you,