A couple of workflow question

Hi folks,

  1. Is it possible to quickly delete all unused events in a track where I did a bunch of comping? it’s not the same thing as “clean up lanes”, becuase I want to just delete all the unused pieces that are left over after comping.

  2. Is it possible to do what Greg Ondo does here: https://youtu.be/gv5sNkFk2Pg
    but then be able to record the MIDI that is being generated from those midi inserts in to the new midi tracks? I can not figure out how to do that. Thanks!

For #2, the workaround that I have found is that you can send each MIDI send out to it’s own IAC Driver and then receive that IAC driver at each instrument track. You can then record the output of the midi (in real time).

Delete overlaps?

For number two, it’s tricky to see exactly what you mean as Greg does quite a few things here, but in simple terms, if you want to insert midi effects and then make them as permanent notes, using ArpacheSX arpeggiator for example, you would record your part and then select the midi part and use the “Freeze MIDI Modifiers” option from the MIDI menu. This will then convert single notes into arpeggiated notes. This works for any MIDI insert, single or in combination.

Not sure, but there may be a way to do this with the Project Logical Editor: Select Parts and then “Delete” (I’m not sure, I’d have to see if I could make this work, but it may be possible. I’m not at the DAW now and can’t check this.

With “Merge Midi in Loop” (Midi Menu) it should be possible to record the output of each midi effect to its respect Instrument Track. Solo both the Source Rack Instrument and the Blank Instrument Track (create empty measures), then use Merge Midi In Loop on the Instrument Track, make sure you select “use inserts.” (Turn off the Insert after creating the Merged track)

BTW, a Chord Track sending to the Rack Inst. or to “All monitored instruments” could drive this entire thing as well, or, all tracks could be recorded simultaneously, etc, etc. :slight_smile:

Stephen, See ‘Delete Overlaps’ above.

That delete overlaps worked great!

Merge midi in loop does not work for individual instrument tracks. It try’s to put the same data in every track.

Put the track in Solo

I think you are not understanding what I’m trying to achieve. Take a look at the video I posted. Merge midi in loop does not populate individual instrument tracks with different data from the sends. I posted the solution that I did find to work. Thanks for trying to help, though.

Yes it does, but you must solo the track or it will merge all data from all tracks in the loop.

Operations Manual:

“If you only want to include events from a single track in the merge operation, you may want to solo the track.”

Correction: “May want to” is incorrect, you must solo the track. MMIL is a fantastic feature of Cubase.

You are answering a question that isn’t being asked. I am not asking how “to include events from a single track in the merge operation”. I know how to do that.

This is what I’m doing. Each instrument is receiving different midi data from the midi send of the midi track.