A couple questions about cubasis

Hi everyone

I just bought this app and i have some questions…

Cubasis has automation?

Can i mute pads individually on drum midi tracks?

I am also trying to sync cubasis with other apps, like DM1, Funkbox and BeatMaker 2… But it doesn’t work… With the MIDI Clock feature… I appreciate to all. Cheers


thank you for buying Cubasis. I hope that I can answer your questions.

No, unfortunately Cubasis has not automation feature at the moment. However, this item is on our feature request list and you can expect to see it in a future version of Cubasis.

I am not sure whether I understand your second question correctly. Can you provide me with more details so that I can help you?

I can recall having synced Cubasis with Funkbox myself. However, the setup was not easy. If you post me your settings I can try to help you.

Kind regards,

Hello !
Midi Clock (sent from Cubasis) is not sending any tempo information - not to DM1 or Nave(always 120bpm no matter what the tempo in my Cubasis Arrangement is) or Alchemy (here it jumps up to 999bpm - (very experimental arpeggio-experiences here) also not to beatmachine and not to DrumJam ALSO not to iPolysix or iMS20- haven’t tried funkbox so far.

I checked the setting and the problem is not because of the setting. The setting is correct (as I tried ANY possibility)

But I have another Question here

  • will it be possible to MUTE single EVENTS inside a MIDI-Region in the future ? PLEEZE ! It is such a treat using MIDI with your lovely DAW…but this is a real big hole in the bucket !

Your Software is great - I hope this Forum is too (as a user of AURIA as well I can say that they have a very good forum there.)

Kindest regards !