A crash uploading a C6.5.5 mixdown to WLE9 - fix?

I’m not sure if this is just a path thing, (meaning I have to do it many times before it ‘remembers’?), or if it is just a fail. At this point I cannot open a mixdown in WLE9 and have it play for more than 10 seconds before it locks up. I’ve tried it twice and progressively the imported track can play a bit longer before it locks up. Perhaps this feature is no longer supported by WLE9?

Also another question. After the crash, I rebooted and WLE9 lost all my Preference selections. I had to start over. But in so doing, I was trying to figure out if I was looking at WLE9 version 9.0.0 or version 9.0.1. Where is this info located within the program? Thank you.

Do you mean you can’t play an audio file more than 10 seconds in WaveLab? Or is it limited to Cubase 6.5.5 mixdowns?

If you want to know if you run WaveLab Elements 9.0.0 or 9.0.10 you have to look in the About box.

Found the version info, thanks.

The lockup is limited to mixdown playback AT THE TIME OF THE TRANSFER TO WL. After a few tries, the file will at least remain in WL for me to play after I close the program and restart my DAW. But it does not like - it seems - Cubase running in the background after the transfer. I can close Cubase when this happens, but I have to force a close with WL and restart my DAW. And yes, I have Cubase setup to release the audio driver when Cubase is in the background.

Oh, yeah, one more thing, the audio driver is disconnected from both programs when things lock up, even though Windows and Cubase show the driver is operating as it should be, another reason for the DAW restart.

OK, I have learned that if I close Cubase after the mixdown transfer to WL, I do not crash WL and my audio driver is intact. Does this mean anything? Is this a Cubase problem?

Damn, I forgot that I reloaded Cubase 6.5.5 to a new SSD drive after I lost my old C drive…and Cubase needs to be told to release the driver when Cubase is in the background. My first mistake. So I made this change but still lost the driver in Cubase when I pulled it up while WL was open.

So… I made a change to WLE9. There are two options regarding the release of the driver in WL and I had selected the one that said: ‘When Cubase is in the foreground’. (This is the one I had checked). But the other option is: ‘When Wavelab Elements is in the background’. I checked this box instead and everything works as it should… (See last paragraph.)

Funny thing is, as far as the WL options go, I would think that the original box I checked would be the right box? Live and learn.

…HOWEVER, (new info), for the two programs to swap drivers, I see that I have to reduce either one to the taskbar and then open the other. Doing this, the driver swaps out fine. If I leave WLE9 up and open Cubase on top of it, I have no audio. Another oddity, IF I do open Cubase on top of WLE9 and wish to recover my audio, I can go to the Cubase Project tab ‘Devices’ and open 'Device Setup and then open the (Mackie) ASIO Control Panel (to check on the latency, let’s say, although I change nothing, and then close all of this), the driver will be released from somewhere and I will have audio.