A crotchet's worth of quavers is all it takes

A very exciting day, the 19th October 2016, I have waited 4 years for this :smiling_imp: In all Dorico looks great and is going to be amazing I am sure. A few bugs for me atm tho, the main one of which is if I start a score from scratch with my own line up of players and start inputting notes I can only get one crotchets worth of notes in… I have tried adding bars, adding instruments, re-adding instruments and even on another machine having popped my elicenser into it. Am I being stupid ?

The road starts here. The one with the steep hill, sorry, learning curve on it :slight_smile:

I should go to bed guys, tomorrow is another day :unamused:

Best wishes to all,


You should be able to just continue adding notes (for example by using the keys a to g for note names) once the caret is visible (double click inside stave).

Add bars only works if you also have a time signature defined, otherwise the command can’t know how much time to add.

Thanks Stefan, I was trying to input with the mouse hovered over the bar, which I thought should work ? In fact I was using a surface, with pen input, like in Sibelius. I can get it to work by inputting letters from the keyboard, but not using the pen. At least it works with letters :slight_smile: Thanks, Mike

If you are using the mouse you probably need to create some “space” to click in.

Either create a time signature and add some bars (use the 3/4 and “barline” icons on the right if you don’t want to use keyboard shortcuts), or (if you don’t want a time signature) double-click in the score to get the cursor and then press space to move the cursor to the right.

Yay ! That does it Rob, thanks Dude.