A Cubase player is missing

I am using Fishman Triple Play to add many software instruments to my guitar playing.
Their Triple Play software scans the VST3 to detect new instruments, I have a Cubase Pro installed on the same computer with corresponding uptodate key, but this scan does not detect the instruments inside Cubase 11, it only detects my Halion 6 and sonic because I bought a full licence, not the SE instruments as Grove Agent SE that come with Cubase.
All the other software providers have players allowing to load and use their plugins.
I would appreciate to be able to use all the steinberg staff behind Cubase.
A last precision, I don’t run Cubase when I run Fishman Triple Play, I have a dedicated PC with another Cubase licence when I want to record and work on my compositions.
So please Steinberg, bring us a Cubase Player in the Cubase license.