A Cubasis mixdown question

I have a project with a midi track that has been frozen. During playback, I hear the audio track that was created from the midi track by the freezing process. However, when I listen to the .wav file that the mixdown process created, I hear the original midi track. I’ve lowered the audio track clip’s volume all the way down while leaving the frozen midi clip’s volume alone. I don’t hear the audio clip while listening to the project but I hear it after mixdown. Is this the way it’s supposed to work?

Deleting the frozen midi track and keeping the audio track it created made the mixdown .wav file be the same as what I hear when playing the project.

hey cheesesteak,

once you freeze a Midi Track you’re not able to change the froozen Tracks volume. Adjustments are done via the new audio track thats been created. And this volume will later be the reference for your mixdown. This is the default behavior of Cubasis.

So I’m not sure which issue you are experiencing. May you provide some addinational data? Which Version of Cubasis are you using and which is your choosen Mixdown-format?

kind regards