A/D Converters

Can anyone recommend an A/D converter for use with my Cubase 5 software program, keeping in mind this is a home project studio and not a high end commercial recording operation. I have been looking at the Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 and Pro 56. Does anyone have any thoughts on using Focusrite converters or any other recommendations in the Saffire price range.
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That one looks nice. Do you need that many channels? For Firewire you may want to find out if your FIrewire card in the machine has a Ricoh or Texas Instruments chipset. I don’t know from personal experience, but if yours is not TI chipset, others may advise to go USB instead (of course, PCI card interfaces exist too). I use the M-Audio Fast Track Pro with a laptop and it works well. I think most of the name brands work fine though. Have a good look at what features you want such as monitoring, phantom power (for condenser mics), bit rate/depth, # inputs and outputs. If you have pedal effects you may want something with send/return or extra inputs outputs so you can set up external effects. I do wish I could set up an external effects loop with my Fast Track Pro but can’t. If you list out some of your needs and desires, I am sure some people will offer good advice.

I have the Saffire Pro 40 and love it. Running onboard TI firewire from a Gigabyte board. No problems at all so far.


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