A D D Man

A song about having A D D.

Cubase 5, MRX816X


Total insanity lol. Love this tune the playing is incredible, tell me more about what you played on it if A D D allows that kind of thing :slight_smile:
Guitar is the bomb, great is that a minor major 7. My only suggest is the bass low frequency maybe roll off a little there -50hz (just guessing) or pull the bass back 2db

Thanks for listening KZ.

I played a 64 strat into a Goodsell Mk3 1x12 combo amp. The chord is actually a sharp 9 add 5. I am a big fan of that chord.
The bass player played with active electronics and I probably cut off -65 db but I agree it probably could have been cut a bit more but I do like bass.

Tres Cool! :sunglasses:

I love the twisted changes and the sense of humor in the track. Sounded well balanced to me.
Cool hammond solo! Is that you playing a real drumset?

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your comments. A friend from Nashville played drums and the organ solo was played by JT Thomas from Bruce Hornsby’s band.

who’s friend in my home town?

Rick Lonow

Wonderful. Really enjoyed from beginning to end. Good playing. Love the guitar.

I haven’t seen Rick in 10???years. Not sure if he remembers me but tell him hi. He’s a world class player

lol, epic is the word :slight_smile:
halfway in the hammond solo there’s a little crackle in the left channel, not sure what it is though :confused:
edit: there’s a short one at 2:59, and 2 more at 3:07.

absolutely loved it.

Thanks for listening.