A disk overload occurred during the export!

Exporting audio mixdown got this error message:
A disk overload occurred during the export!
What this means? How Cubase overloads M.2 disk @ Thunderbolt?

Ventura 13.6.5 (22G621)

Same here! I am on Cubase 13 macOS Sonoma 14.3.1

I’ve gotten a few of those on a Windows 11 box as well, running Cubase 13.0.30.

I’ve got the fastest SSD money can buy in that machine, and nothing else running besides Cubase. Looking at SSD utilization in Task Manager, it’s barely registering any activity, so I doubt this message is for real, esp. because after I restart the export, it’ll export just fine.

So, this is likely a bug (hence tagging this as an issue).

Happening in Nuendo 13 on MacOS Sonoma as well.