A display bug in galley mode: misaligned staves

Hello all, don’t know if this has been reported here before, but since the latest patch(es), I’ve noticed this glitch in galley mode. Sometimes the display of staves becomes misaligned in a strange way.

This happens when I create a new staff in a score and begin inputting notes into it. It’s a display glitch and doesn’t seem to affect playback in any way. It usually fixes itself when I switch to engrave mode and back to galley. (In this occasion, switching to engrave mode didn’t help and it only corrected itself when I restarted Dorico). Very weird and unusual behavior for sure.

I’ve not seen this in galley view before, though I can imagine the kind of thing that might cause it to happen. If you can reproduce the problem at will, please attach a project here together with steps to cause the problem to occur, and we’ll take a closer look.