A doubt about allowed upgrades

I’m using Cubase Pro 11 with the VST instruments which came with it, Groove Agent SE 3 and Halion Sonic SE 5.
Some time ago I upgraded Cubase to version 11.0.41, GA to version 5.0.50 and HS to version 3.4.40.
Currently, if I check the “CUBASE PRO 11 Downloads” page in Steinberg website, I can see that no newer versions are listed there, which seems to suggest that my Steinberg software is as up to date as it can be, my C11 license not providing access to newer versions of those VSTs.

However yesterday, after launching the Steinberg Download Assistant and waiting for it to perform its own upgrades, I noticed that the list of available product upgrades shown inside “My Products downloads > Cubase Pro 11” includes GA 5.1.10 and also HS 3.5.10 (which, by the way, are listed also in the “CUBASE PRO 12 Downloads” page of the website).

So now I have a doubt, which I’d like to clear up before any attempt to press those… enticing “Install” buttons in the Download Assistant:
am I actually allowed, with my C11 license, to install and use those newer versions?
How “far” can I actually go, in upgrading Cubase bundled VST instruments, with my C11 license?

Thanks in advance for any help.

You can use what is listed under “My Products” in Steinberg Download Assistant.
There should be an entry for Cubase 11 Pro.
If there are updates available for your software, it should be in the list there.

Not necessarily. On my system the My Product Downloads tab only lists a few of the actual products I have. Which just means you have to go down to that product’s tab to get its download.

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As far as I can tell the updates to HS and GA SE are for Steinberg License Manager and Apple Silicon compatibility only.
If you’re on Cubase 11, neither of these is applicable.

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Without derailing the thread further… :slightly_smiling_face:
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That’s why I was surprised in finding exactly there (“My Products" section, "Cubase Pro 11” entry) those latest GA and HS versions, the same which are included in C12 but not present in the website’s “CUBASE PRO 11 Downloads” page .

That seems to be actually true only for HS, because GA SE 5.1.10, according to its release notes, includes also other improvements, amongst which “Improved load and save performance”.

Yes, you’re right. I was looking at 5.1.0. There’s at least one fix listed for Cubase 11 in there so it’s probably worth it for you to install it. Presumably the compatibility stuff will just be ignored.

The point is I don’t know why 5.1.10 is not present in the “CUBASE PRO 11 Downloads” page.
Maybe it’s just a lack of the site.
The Download Assistant (where GA SE 5.1.10 is listed in the “Cubase Pro 11” section) is expected to be more reliable, after all.
Anyway the doubt remains.
Eventually I’ll have to try the install, keeping myself ready to back off if licensing issues arise.

Sorry for the confusion, whatever is available in the Steinberg Download Assistant for Cubase 11 can be used. We will update the downloads pages for Cubase 11 soon as well.

Thanks for the information.
Actually I had already decided to… take the risk and an hour ago I proceeded with the installation, with no issues.
An “official” confirmation is always welcome, anyway. :slightly_smiling_face: