A dumb question - why can't decrease note length in the key editor

Hey guys & gals
every note turns into a half note even though I have length quantize to 1/16 in the key editor.
More over it doesn’t let me decrease at all.

thanks for the help - this is puzzling me

Could you post a screenshot of your Key Editor Window so we can see what is enabled and what isn’t.

I don’t what I did to make it go to 1/4 (before it was a half note).
But anyway, I still can’t decrease the length.

thanks for your help. This worked before but I must gotten the project into a state that I don’t understand.

On your screenshot, the note you show is a 1/16th note. So looks fine to me - what’s the exact issue you have now?
You have enabled the “snap to grid” (the button left of the “Grid Relative”) - this is the reason you are not free to reduce the length any further. You can either disable this by pressing the button or by holding down “Ctrl” button while trying to change the length.

How can I get 16th notes when drawing notes.
I used to get that, what have I done to make it draw only quarter notes.

I don’t understand your question. In your screenshot there is a 16th note, not a quarter note.
Cubase will create the note length that you have set in the length field.

I still have two issues, I can solve one by going after I draw the notes all the duration of the notes. This is very painful.
I really want to understand why it is defaulting to quarter notes whenever I draw a note when I want 16th notes.

I meant to say that I can solve one issue by changing the duration of notes after they are are entered, but this is extremely painful (I previously did not know this. thanks, bnbns23).
What I really want to enter 16ths (not quarters).

That is what you are doing. I think you are confused about properly reading the scale. The note in you picture is 4 x 1/64 which is a 1/16th note.

You’re absolutely right!! My mistake.
But shouldn’t the note in question be what you outline as 64th , since I set this designation before drawing the note .

The length of inserted notes is defined by the “L” (Length Quantize) preset. The 1/64 value in Quantize Presets refers to the grid only.

Nevertheless, you have the option of setting the note length to always match the grid setting by selecting “Quantize Link” under Length Quantize (L).
This configuration would probably better suit you.

Thanks All
Very grateful for your patience :smiley: