a dumb question....

i was working on a project recently and i’m not quite sure what i did, but the l/r routing box dissappeard. can anybody tell me how to retrieve it?

If I understood, what you’re after: click the small arrow pointing up at mixer’s top-left corner.

sorry about this, but the same thing has happened again. i tried clicking on the arrow on the mixer but all that does is resize the channel strip. could you advise me as to what i’m doing wrong?

It would help, if you could post screenshots of the situation you are at AND the situation what you are trying to get into (from another project, from manual, etc…). The main problem here is that I (or other people here) may not know what is this “l/r routing box” you are talking about. Maybe you should consult The Lovely Manual to find out the right term for this box.

Checked the manual, but found nothing.

You should maybe check once more. From your screenshot your inspector is not missing any “feature”.

Look for Show Extended Mixer or Show Routing View under the mixer section in the manual or just have a good look at the mixer around the far left upper section!

And or the routing section on page 164

In CE 5 you will not find anything of that though…
Seems to me, he just should click the track name field in the inspector, though honestly I don´t want to believe that is the “problem”…

I thought I was in the C6 forum :laughing:

If I understand correctly a left click on the track name in the inspector SHOULD do it! If so this goes down in history as the most ludicrous “problem” of all time!! :stuck_out_tongue:

the left click in the inspector didn’t work. attatched is an image of what my inspector should look like.

Oh come on - you must be kidding me… :unamused:

dude, you do need to left click. Is that a screenshot of your project window? If that’s not working you really need to restart Cubase and try again. :mrgreen: