A faster way to deal with huge sound libraries


Since when using Dorico I’ve tried to create all the playing techniques corresponding to the articulations available in my sound libraries. I don’t know how things will work in the future, but at the moment managing them is not easy, for lack of finer organization, and an easy way to exchange techniques between documents.

A better way of working I’m trying is probably this one:

  1. In the expression map, create all the entries corresponding to the articulations in the sound library. Save/export it to disk.

  2. Match the default playing techniques and playback techniques to the corresponding expression map entries. Save into an endpoint configuration. Add this latter to a playback template.

  3. When you need an articulation that is not included among the default/saved ones, create a playing/playback technique just for the current document. Link it to the corresponding entry in the expression map.

In the end, you will probably not use all of the available articulations in the library. For example, I always use a custom technique called staccato sempre, and it’s just a minute creating it as a playing technique, and linking it to the Staccato playback technique (already linked to an entry in the expression map).

For more exoteric cases: I might have a play a lemon articulation in the library. Maybe I don’t remember the matching entry in the expression map. It’s not a big issue instantly creating a play a lemon playing technique, linking it to a newly created play a lemon playback technique, and adding it to the expression map – a now custom one used just for the current document.

The sound library will be the starting source of exoteric sonic ideas. Linking a particular articulation to a technique in the score is a matter of a few clicks.

Just keep your master expression map in a safe place, to avoid overwriting it with a messy temporary one.


I think it would be really useful to able to apply Playback Templates to selected tracks. It can be cumbersome to create different composite templates for all the various possible combinations of libraries.

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