A feature for which I am forced to use other DAWs

I believe that Cubase is the most mature and interesting DAW on the market, I have been among those who have used Cubase on Atari STE and in recent years I have rediscovered it with great pleasure.
I have been working on Logic for many years and lately I have tried Studio One which I believe has evolved some typical aspects of Cubase to bring it to levels of what Cubase itself should take seriously. I don’t love everything about Studio One, mind you, but I think the quality of Warp Audio (audio bend) is what Cubase lacks. Yes, Cubase flaws precisely in the Warp algorithms that do not return a result worthy of a professional DAW, I tried to change the algorithm but without ever improving the result.
Among other things, it would be good if the Warp can be edited directly on the audio part present in the project and not in the audio editor.
On more than one occasion I have tried to treat sounds of acoustic guitars, solo sax, vocals, drum loops but without being able to have a result without bad and unusable artifacts, even just moving the markers a little, without stretching a lot.
Logic itself has a superior and respectable Flex Time system, which is why even for the last project I had to edit the track in Logic Pro X.
I am very sorry, this thing makes me feel crippled and I hope Steinberg takes this aspect seriously, which I believe and I hope I am not the only one complaining.
I love Cubase’s summing audio engine, if you fix this I don’t think I have anything else to wish for, indeed yes, a nice full screen on Mac that is still missing.

I hope for good news about.




Yeah, it would be great to warp directly on the audio event in the project window. For now, if I want to warp something to alight to another audio event, I open them both/all in the audio editor and use the overlay to check… they added the overlay feature recently so it’s a nice 2nd option for this… but not quite as cool as warping directly in the project window. Also, the overlay is a bit buggy if you’ve done some cuts to the audio or Offline Process and stuff like that… sometimes it shows the audio in the wrong relative places… and also this work around wouldn’t work for if you’re trying to match it with midi or markers or something like that… so still +1 to this suggestion.

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I am really impressed by the advantages of Studio One and the ease of flexible workflow in it
They also make additions and improvements very quickly, for example
Studio One 5 , 5.1 ,5.2 ,5.3 ,5.4 ,5.5 are a lot of free features, and the errors may be negligible .

I hope this development from Steinberg is the same speed and the same power. I still see that Cubase is my favorite DAW,
but with shortcomings that were not noticed, and requests for features are accumulating in the forum without implementation