A feature like Mix Recall in Sonar would be amazing

I’d really love to see Cubase have a feature similar to Sonar’s ‘Mix Recall’:

I spend a LOT of time trying different things on a mixdown (and I’m sure I’m not at all alone here). I’ll save multiple versions of a session and switching between different sessions is something that takes minutes on a large session. Being able to compare completely different mix downs, including different plugins, automation data, VSTi synth settings routing etc at the click of the mouse would be a very powerful and useful feature and I’m sure it would appeal to a lot of people.

When I saw the video above about Sonar’s new feature, it had me briefly considering switching to Sonar but of course I can’t do that because there are too many other amazing things about Cubase that I can’t give up! :slight_smile:


Cubase already has the possibility to save selected mixer channels (all except instrument channels) as vmx-files and recall the saved settings later, but this functionality can be much more comfortable.

yes , seems quite easy to implement! and seems a really nice add :slight_smile: and is goood for marketing lol