A feature that would vastly improve workflow on C6.

Often thought this myself. In fact why couldnt you have the option to render an audio track with lots of plugins to audio with a button on the track

Yep, I’d like that one, one click midi to audio. But I’d also like to render at any point in the signal path, anywhere, too. Quite often I’m after rendering just the output of the synth not the whole synth channel - which I’ve got loaded with effects. Or sometimes I’m after rendering just the first insert of a channel, say AutoTune. Would be useful to be able to do these things with a button click.


I have said this to myself so many times. ESPECIALLY frozen MIDI. Obviously it’s rendering an audio track some where and referencing it; SHOW THAT AUDIO TRACK IN THE PROJECT WINDOW. Seems so obvious. The freeze function can come in handy, but it can also waste a LOT of time.

Taking it further, what if you could freeze just specific insert plugins? I realize it would need to be sequential; if an insert at insert 2 is frozen, the insert before it would have to be frozen, too. But this feature would save much grief when using CPU-mad plugins such as Amplitube 3 (which I use A LOT - check it out).

Of course there is a function that does this - offline application of FX - but it doesn’t work in the way being asked for here. This is the one I usually use for Autotune - and it can be undone (with rather a lot of clicking) at any time later on.

Changing the Freeze function by allowing the resulting audio file to be manipulated like any other audio file has been requested many, many times, here and on the Nuendo board. I know 'cos I keep asking for it…