A feelgood moment for all that have issues with C8!

Hi all,
last night I watched the “making of” documentary for “The Desolation of Smaug”, especially the part where they record the music in that wonderful concert hall in Wellington.
You know, huge symphony orchestra, Peter Jackson present and directing from the control room, lethal deadlines, 60-year-old Neumann M50s everywhere, every minute costs a fortune, the works…

At one point, they show the players of the orchestra doing crossword puzzles, the conductor making silly jokes and everybody just stares ahead and does absolutely nothing…
Suddenly, the conductor asks the control room technicians: “It’s a Pro Tools thing, right?”
Answer: “Yep.”

And after a while, they continue.

Feel better? :wink:
I thought so… :mrgreen:


Ha ha. Yeah, that’s awesome.

All software crashes / shows issues.

And welcome to the lounge everybody… :wink:

Haha :slight_smile:

That was a good catch.

Regards. :sunglasses:

That was a good crash.