A few bugs/problems/requests

Nuendo 6.0.3, installed on a mac pro octocore, running on OSX 10.8.3.

I’m mainly a sound editor, so I use to process a lot of clips. And I saw a few plugins crashing N6.0.3.

As for example, Izotope RX 2 denoiser :

While doing a offline process, it works without any problem. But when I’m trying to run my offline process history, Nuendo crashes 2/3 times. After that, there’s no possibility to run offline process history, it still crashes. Then, the project become unstable…
Another weird point : when I’m looking for the clip’s path in the pool, Nuendo doesn’t increment my file and it’s still shown as the original one (located in “audio” folder). But when I listen to it in the multitrack, it’s the edited one that’s playing (located in the “edit” folder). Strange and buggy.

I had several issues with :

  • dourrough meter (waves 9.2).
  • The offline process of the curve EQ (I couldn’t load any profile, the finder window wasn’t popping up… Except when I abort my process, then the window appears, but too late, since I already aborted the process).
  • altiverb 6.3.5, I use to have some hangs while trying to create a new FX track.
  • Sonnox restoration suite (cpu overloads), but I guess the problem is there’s no VST3 developments from Sony Oxford.
  • REVerence, impossible to change values in offline process.

That’s all for the plugs I tried, I need some extra time to find more issues, but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot…

Concerning the main software :

  • A funny behavior for my mouse : reversed left - right with my wheel, even when I choose “natural” on mac osx preferences. Otherwise, Up - down is working normally.
  • Scrolling up or down while drag & drop a clip is so boring compared to the windows version… Is the Cocoa still a problem ?
  • I had some hangs messages with the video on screen message mentioned in a previous post. And a few lags with some Prores proxys (I’m working with a bm intensity pro).
  • While trying to import tracks, default levels are set to 1.95, not 0.00 as it used to be. Same behavior while drag and dropping.
  • While moving selected tracks to folder, the folder created keeps putting itself on the bottom of the project. Same thing for creating new FX tracks, new group tracks…
  • NOT YET VERIFIED : nuendo wouldn’t keep last preferences for tracks conversions (mono to multi or the contrary). When you turn off your computer, and then reload all of it, it wouldn’t save your last choice.
  • Loudness track. While recording the loudness profile, there’s some strange scales, as if the software interrupts randomly for a few milliseconds his analysis.
  • Project preferences still set to factory values (44.1Khz, 29.97 fps…)
  • Mediabay still lagging while trying to enter a keyword (i.e. the word “sworder…” Damn ! Nuendo is already trying to search even if I’m writing the “y” missing. Though, I’m able to type really quick with a keyboard !).
    And searching is sooooooo long sometimes, because Nuendo tries to refresh names already refreshed 10 minutes before.

Anyway, Nuendo 6.0.3 isn’t ready yet for a stressless workflow. I’m downgrading to N5.5.5 temporarily, which is much more stable for the moment. Anyway, good luck to other users seeking bugs ! I’m done with it, since I’m not a beta tester…

However, some small requests :

  • Could it be possible to edit the loudness reco bar ? As for example, if I work for the internet, I won’t probably work at -23LUFS, but I could work at -20, or -18, or why not at -3 if I want ? Could be a useful function…

  • A nice suggestion for the AAF imports : as all the medias are renamed “mediafile”, and their real name are moved in the description field, it could be interesting to program a small batch process, just to rename the clips with their original name, with a file incrementation system when they already exist.

  • Any hopes for an autoconformation function, just like Pyramix ? Or maybe a match waveform function, just like plural eyes ? It’s so boring to conform manually, especially when you edit a feature film with sources from a Cantar/788T/Deva/Nagra VI or whatever exporting a mixdown…

  • And a last bug on nuendo 5 (i haven’t tried on N6, but it’s probably the same) : bounce’s framerate is interpreted as 25 fps with some editors (mostly final cut, I presume), even if it’s 24/29.97/…, could it be possible to use another code for the wave file’s footer ? The one Sound Devices implements with Wave Agent seems to work pretty well.
    Yours is the one from Adobe, am I right ?

Thanks for reading this long and big message.


thanks for your structured feedback. We’ll analyse one issue after the other and
put it on the list for fixing. We will soon have a clearer picture on which issues
are fixed in the upcoming maintenance updates (6.0.4 / 6.0.5).

Thanks again,

I’ve splitted the issues into seperate posts, please discuss in the corresponding thread.