A few feature requests

Hi there - I am just checking out the SLPro trial in Cubase 11 and really loving what can be achieved. I am approaching SL from a sound design / remixing perspective and a few things jump out at me that I would like (especially in ARA mode). Perhaps I am missing the best way to do these (I am still new to the program and learning…) but here goes:

  • First one is could it be possible (or is it already possible?) to warp the shape of a selection by moving an individual corner to stretch the existing selection into a trapezoid shape? (Similar to photoshop ‘free transform’ kind of idea - use ‘transform’ or ‘transform selection’ tool, hold down a modifier key and click/drag on a selection corner tab). This would allow filter sweeps to be generated quickly from rectangular selections as well as making effects like comb filtering sweeps easy (for example, by make a complex selection with the harmonic selection tool then resizing one side of the selection).

  • Second could a global ‘ignore selection’ option be implemented for playback in ARA? I am often looping selections in cubase while I tweak one selection and at the moment it is necessary to repeatedly select / deselect to hear the impact on the overall loop.

  • Could the harmonic selection tool have a freehand option? Just for drawing in comb filtering by hand without it snapping to specific harmonics in the sound?

  • Could it be made easier to make sure a selection fills the entire clip in ARA mode? it can need two selections passes of a rectangular selection to make sure the box extends all the way from the start to the end of the clip because there isn’t a way to click on the border of the clip boundary to start a selection

  • Coould the ‘cut special’ menu have ‘Split to two layers’ as a command? I am often cutting a selection to new layer, then inverting selection, then cutting to new layer again, since this gives the ability to individually mute and hear both ‘halves’ of the clip when the source layer is an external one in ARA (since muting the source layer stops all playback in ARA mode, unless I am missing something).

  • +1 for the transform selction dialogue being in semitones as well (glad to see this is on the list!). Could the transform tool also have the ability (perhaps via a modifier key) to vertically drag a selection to transpose quantised to semitones?

  • Finally (not sure if this is possible in ARA2) but could a ‘zoom to host loop region’ be implemented? (I get that it is probably better to cut the loop into a short clip and just open that in extension instead!)

Apols if any of these are down to my misunderstanding or are already answered. I am very blown away by the program!


Hi John,

Glad you like it !

-Good idea. I would see this as improvements to the Transform Selection tool.

-We’re still tweaking how to best approach selection playback with SL and the ARA host. So you can probably expect some improvements in that area in the future.

-Ctrl+A (Cmd+A on mac) will select the entire time/frequency range

-Thanks for the suggestion


-Could be technically possible (can’t promise anything though)

Thanks Robin! I have very much enjoyed playing around again today. :smiley:

One last thought, again I’m not sure if I am missing something (!) but would like to be able to use a snap grid with the selection tools - especially snapping to user-selectable (musical) snap grid points on the the time axis.

This is really to generate multiple selections that are tightly tempo-synced with speed and accuracy (e.g. to make gating patterns that can then be further edited to make tempo sync’d gated band-pass effects). In ARA mode perhaps this could work to musical divisions of the source clip?

At the moment I’m doing this by making multiple selections freehand - but cutting a loop into even sixteenths is a repetitive job and hard to do really accurately, even with a pen tablet.


You can indeed to that:
-First select your units (either via View > Time Unit and View > Frequency Unit, or by right-clicking the timeline and frequency scale)
-Then show the grid (View> Unit Grid, keyboard shortcut is G)
-Finally check View > Snap to Grid and Markers

In ARA mode SL should automatically get the host tempo, in the standalone you would have to define it in View > Time Unit > Tempo…

Ahhh smashing thanks! I struggled to find that, will give it a try :smiley: