a few oddities, any ideas??

I have a few issues with 7.5.20 (64 bit) and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction for a solution.


  1. Quite often, when loading cubase, it will get stuck on "Initializing: VST Sytem link. I will have to CTRL-ALT-DEL to get out of this and start again.
  2. without fail, on the first load up of cubase, once i hit the play button in the tranport, cubase will 100% freeze, and again, i will need to go through the CTRL-ALT-DEL process to start again. I now have to load cubase to crash it, so it will work correctly the next time.

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  1. i have 2 controllers connected to my PC, 1 is the NI Traktor Kontrol F1, and the other is the AKAI MPK 25. the NI controller will connect 100% of the time, the AKAI only 30% of the time. to get it to function. i will need to close Cubase, unplug the MPK, re-plug it in, then start Cubase again then cross my fingers. Im sure this is a Akai issue, but any advice would be great.

Closing Cubase

  1. this used to happen 100% of the time but is now quite rare but it still happens occasionally. when i close Cubase, i will get the error message, “The video Engine Has Stopped Working”

    PC Specs
    Windows 7 (64 bit all up to date)
    Intel i7 2600k
    Cubase is installed on an SSD with sample libaries and Projects saved on another HDD
    This is a dedicated Muisc Production PC and only has muisc production software installed. no email or games allowed.

thanks for reading

I have a temporary transport freeze with both of my Window 7 machines using Intel I7 motherboards.
It never happened before when I was using 6.5 in XP but on my new Windows 7 machines it happens 100% of the time in all versions of Cubase. I have a workaround specific to my control surface which is a Tascam DM3200 but another way to bring the control surface to life is to move 2 faders simultaneously for a few seconds. I’ve opened support tickets with both Steinberg and Tascam in the past but nobody seems to want to address this on either side.

I’ve ruled out hardware conflicts and reinstalled OS with bare minimum installations just to test this problem but it is ever present no matter what Windows 7 machine I install it on. Is this what you are experiencing too or are you saying that Cubase freezes completely?

yes, cubase will freeze completely 100% of the time on the first start up of cubase when i switch my PC on. i could bet my life on this happening and win every time.

My process now is to

Switch on the PC
load up cubase (hoping it gets past the Initializing VST system link part)
load an empty project
Hit play on the transport and wait for the instant freeze (no repsonse from cubase at all)
CTR-ALT-DEL & close application
restart cubase (it will now be fine)

i have to do this before i even start to think about using cubase.

Did you trying disconnecting each of your controllers one at a time and see if Cubase loads differently?

i can try that when im home from work this evening, but i have been using the MPK since cubase 5 without this sort of issue.


If you don’t need to use video in Cubase you could remove the videoengine components from the components folder.
If you need video then try updating graphics drivers and quicktime.

As for the system link…I’ve never even noticed this flashing by on initialisation…are you actually using it?
If not make sure it’s not enabled in Device setup.

Other than that you could try running in safe mode

& If it runs better this way, you’ll need to permanently trash your preferences.

thanks Grim

will try these suggestions this evening.

i dug out my old JP-8000 synth the other day. After having to replace the battery and doing a factory reset and then resetting the ribbon and pitch bend wheel, i hooked it up to cubase 7.5 and created a MIDI device for it with the MIDI device manager and then set it up as an external instrument. I can now create an instrument track, select the JP-8000 and bam, im good to go.

it works flawlessy.

All i can say is that the issues i listed in my OP (apart from the last one which has now gone anyway) have miraculously gone. no freezing, no crashing. It would seem all the issues i was experiencing were to do with my Akai MPK25 controller.

I never thought i would be using proper MIDI cables again :slight_smile: