a few questions about samples and vst plugins

i have some general questions about cubase, ill appriciate it if you could help.
i want to produce some music and i need some help getting the best samples, loops , vst plugins and vst plugins presets available.

i need it for these generes:

tropical house (kygo, matoma, jonas blue) like chill nation channel on youtube

alternative rock (breaking benjamin, kings of leon),

indie rock:
pop and r&b (coldplay, the weeknd, post malone)

i have cubase 10
i play guitar and piano (not profesionally)
i already got
nexus 2
bfd2 drums
guitar rig


  1. where do you guys download the best free samples and loops?

  2. what plugins are a must for the generes above?

  3. i found this awsome youtube channel named “make pop music”:
    do you know more channels like this?

  4. whats the best way to add samples to cubase? throgh media bay?
    i want it to be arranged the best way. any ideas?

  5. what about downloading only presets for the plugins? where can i get presets for guitar rig, serum, amplitube?

  6. my dad has electronic drums but when i connect them to the sound card midi they dont make the sound they should (the midi keys don’t fit, only some of them)
    how do i make it work and stay with this settings everytime this midi input (electronic drums) is selected. i dont want it to change the keyboard settings.

    thank you!


1.-2.: KVRAudio
4. In fact it doesn’t matter. It sounds and behaves always the same. MediaBay is great for audio samples database management directly in Cubase. You can rate your loops, you can sort them, filter them, etc.
6. Is it also a sound generator? Or does it just send a MIDI data? Could you write the vendor and the model?

thank you for the response
can anybody else help with the questions?

the electronic drums model is:
Yamaha dtxpress iv

can you help me set this up?

thank you!


I quickly had a look to this device. So it’s not just a MIDI Controller, it’s also an tone generator. There are 8 line outputs for every single drum. So you need an Audio Device with 8 line inputs. Then connect the 8 dtxpress outputs to your 8 Audio device inputs. In Cubase add 8 Mono Audio Tracks and select 8 Mono Inputs. Now, you can record your drums.

What do you mean set this up? Are you wanting it to trigger BFD from the module? I’m guessing you are as the sounds on the dtxpress are not really up to it.

You need to be a lot more specific for this. May I also suggest you visit the vdrum forum to get answers for using an electronic kit with plugins.