A few questions

Hi there

I was wondering about few things

I have cubase 7.0 us edu version

Can i upgrade into cubase 8 pro with the same upgrade available from cubase 7?

There is some spacial upgrade from edu version that cost less?

Can i download quadrafuzz v2 to cubase 7?

And if i have a server with esxi (vmware) that runs Windows there is some steinberg solution for using vst over lan?

How come there’s no solution for using multiple pc’s with simple steinberg software with its default search engine? I would really like to get all my 32 bit plugins to other pc and run them through 1gb lan

Thanks in advance for the help.

help please

The edu version is actually a normal, full version of Cubase. It can be upgraded as any full version, but there are no further edu-discounts on upgrades.

Quadrafuzz 2 works in Cubase 7.5 (and probably also in 7) when you copy the “Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3”-file from it’s folder (C:/Steinberg etc.) to the according directory from C7. The old multiband compressor and deesser will be replaced by the new ones though, which could ask for compatibilty problems.