A few questions

  1. Is there anyplace else where you can set options of various kinds other than Engraving Options and Notation Options? [NVM—it’s Layout Options—found it.]

  2. Where/how can I flip which side of the note a tremolo appears on? Assuming it’s by flipping stem direction, where/how do I do that? I looked for it in Properties, but I didn’t see it there. [NVM—It’s Edit:Stems—found it.]

  3. Where do I establish above which staves in the score Tempo markings and Rehearsal letters appear? I found it once and added brasses, but I haven’t been able to find it again, and I’d like to add percussion. [NVM—also Layout Options.]

  4. Where/how do I change which score staves are bracketed/braced?

  5. Where do I change font size for the staff/instrument names in the score?

As always, thanks for everyone’s help.

Hi Lew.
4) In Engrave options (cmd shift E) you find the Brackets and Brace page, where you can select some options. You might use the “grouping” option in Setup mode to add your custom instruments grouped with a brace… I think I read that these options are to be improved in due course.

  1. In Engrave mode, you find in Engrave menu Paragraph styles. There you can select Staff Labels for instance, to change the fonts and the size

Hope it helps !

Thanks, Marc. The Paragraph Styles worked perfectly. However, I couldn’t find any way to change the grouping already existent in the score.

Thanks for chiming in.

Lew, if you have a specific problem with the bracketing and bracing, if you provide a few more details, I expect we can come up with a solution.

Sorry, Daniel, I wasn’t specific enough. I just mean that when I put a score together with Bass Guitar and Drum Kit staves at the bottom, they are neither bracketed nor braced. I would like to bracket them, and I can’t find a way to do it.

Thanks much.

Ah, at the moment you can’t do that, unfortunately, as they are in different instrument families, and hence none of our current bracketing and bracing approaches would join them together.

OK, thanks. Put it on our wish list?

Of course, improving the flexibility of Dorico’s bracketing and bracing is a high priority for us.