A few simple questions about C6

Before i shell out 200 beans for the C6 upgrade from C5S, i have a few questions. I don’t have time to spend hours searching the forums for answers, so forgive me for asking stuff that’s already been answered.

  1. Like the new interface, but can i tear windows off (like the mixer for example) and put them on my 2nd monitor?

  2. How much more Mac OS X native has this version become? Is it truly Carbonized to take advantage of things like Grand Central, OpenCL etc etc?

  3. One forum post i did read mentioned that there was no more audio recording?? can someone please clarify this for me?

  4. Has VST bridge been improved regarding loading PPC plugins or is it still the same as before?

  5. Timestretch Algorithm: If there’s one thing i could never stand about C5S, it’s the way it stretches audio when in musical mode. There’s artifacts everywhere and your mixes get extremely muddy. Logic and Ableton figured out how to make this work, so i’m wondering if this finally has been fixed in this version of Cubase?

  6. My second biggest pet peeve is project management. Logic and Ableton have a feature where you can drag and drop resources (tracks complete with all settings and routings) to and from an active project without ever opening the other project. In Cubase this has always been a gigantic pain in the *** and often leads to crashes and time wasted. Has this been improved at all?

Reason i ask all these questions is because i’m at the point where i’m ready to switch to Logic, but don’t really feel like forking up $500. I’ve been using Cubase for 15+ years and only in the last 2 years have i seen a sharp decline in quality in the program - everything from the included plugins (which are still sh*t) to the overall stability and sound.


You already have the same info as the rest of us because IT’S NOT OUT YET.

Actually, some folks were installing it as you wrote this, Mr Boldy Text :smiley: . I wish one of them was me. :nerd:

Some of those questions actually have been answered in various threads - like the one linking to the video of Elastique Pro in use, which looks great - and some others maybe not. Having said that…

I’m not sure where else a person would ask questions about a product that’s not available physically to them yet than on the product forum where the people employed by the company who know those things are? Obviously there are people here that know everything there is to know about Cubase 6, the mods and (I assume) some beta testers, and of course any people who already have it.

Not sure why some are so very sensitive…

Not sensitive. Just telling it like it is. Loads of new stuff I’d like more info on but then I do it myself. I’d feel cheeky going to a forum to ask others to do it for me. But that’s just me :mrgreen: .
And the obvious being so obscure it needs emphasising. :laughing:

I am so with you here. IMO, timestretch is the worst feature in C5, I found it unusable except for occasional vocal lines. Warbles, glitchy, unprofessional.

I’m especially interested in how it does on more complex polyphonic material, like electric and acoustic guitars.


I’m sure a few folks will be able to help you with your decision soon germanguy.

I think you’ll find that statement was a well aimed touch of sarcasm, in response to the direction a lot of new features are going.

There is no Batch Export in Cubase Artist.

If your going to talk C Artist, it’s a total “downgrade” from C Studio 5. Not only is there no batch export, there’s no RoomWorks, no Studio Chorus, not even a third of the amount of instrument track capability, a little better than half the audio track capability and I can go on. CS5 users are now forced to go to the full version to advantage an upgrade. I’m not ready to make that leap till C7 if it indeed offers more than stability and a few crumbs thrown in. I’m already stable.

Hi suprawill1

It may be a "downgrade going from CS5 to CA6 but to me that completely misses the point of how Steinberg are handling the situation overall, since while I understand new features are important I’ve become used to certain workflows, in particular Batch Export was a serious help at the time to get around the issue of limited audio export capabilities, not to mention the half-baked freeze “feature” which as far as I know hasn’t even seen an enhancement since it’s inception.

How can end users have faith if all we get is some knee jerk response to modifying some feature that hardly anyone has asked for, ie “movable frozen parts” and yet the function itself is completely limited and in reality is nothing more than a bolt on.

Hey, I agree with you Cramar! What I brought up is just a piece of this whole shabang. The studio version has been taken away and there is a force in play to push us CS users to the full version. I not only have a problem with this, I also disagree with the whole 6 series only being compatible with W7. That’s yet another large expense for those who aren’t already there. I know of no other DAW or major program that’s not backward compatible to at least Vista.


I dont’ have any issue with OS compatibility as I’m sure it will be ok under Vista and I’ve been using that since Longhorn.

It’s the lack of batch export or equivalent function (in relation to VSTi) that is hurting the most since although it was mentioned in the FAQ that there is no movable frozen parts I don’t really see the need to have responded in that way when the percentage of the userbase asking for that feature would be so low as to be insignificant and yet the function itself leaves so much to be desired.

Maybe this is bungling on Steinbergs’ part since if this is to become a pattern then the obvious prediction would be to remove Multi-track editing from a future incarnation of Cubase Lite.

yes. It´s the same behavior than C5, CS5 etc.

Have you seen this?
Cubase 6 and the new “Elastic Pro” Algo - very amazing! YEAH!! :smiley:

Many improvements about this in C6: fewer mouseclicks, new menus, new functional Inspector (Key Editor) e.g.
-> But please: use shortcuts!!! then you’re really fast, believe me!

Daily, I use Cubase (5.1), Logic 9, ProTools 8. IMHO (!) Cubase 6 with its new features is the best and feature-rich DAW on the market. No doubt.

Even if it does work with VIsta, one of the first questions SB will ask you is what OS are you using and then you won’t get any support. I have too much riding on that.
Batch export is included with the full version. It appears that it’s the CS5 users only upgrade choice at this point.
I understand that there are wanted features that haven’t been addressed and more importantly, features that haven’t been fixed. I don’t think there’s anyone here that’s totally in sync with SBs marketing style although I’ll have to say that there’s been a smattering of attitudes aimed at them for both legitimate and non-legitimate issues. It’s got to be hard for developers to cater to everybodies whims but the fix-it’s should definitely be addressed first. That’s just plain good business.