A few small things

I’ve got a few questions/requests.

  1. I cannot alter the space between the last note of a group of grace notes and the regular note they’re attached to. Not as usual, that is. I can solve this by moving the last grace note graphically, so there’s no real problem here. It feels like a workaround though.
  2. Will it be possible to move explicit rests to another voice column at some point?
  3. We can change the slur thickness individually in the properties panel (thank you!). Will this be possible for ties as well at some point? While I’m at it, I wouldn’t mind a dedicated setting for the middle thickness of very short ties (and slurs).
  4. I can’t find a setting for the length of ties at system breaks. I’d like to increase the minimal length of ties at the start of a new system. Will this be possible at some point? Or is it already possible and I’ve just failed to find it?
  5. It seems to me as though the beams of grace notes jump to where they would be if the notes weren’t scaled down while I drag them. This is uncomfortable.

I suppose it’ll take some time before these things have a chance to be looked at. But I’d like to ask them anyway before I forget about them.

By the way: I absolutely love the note spacing tool! Compared to what I’m used to from another software… it feels like notation software finally arrived in the 21st century. Keep up the great work!

  1. There is an option for the default amount of space between the rightmost grace note and the main note it precedes on the Notes page of Engraving Options.

  2. Probably not to move them to another column, no, but it will ultimately be possible to move their graphical X offset. (I forget whether that is actually possible already: it may be.)

  3. I will make a note of this.

  4. No, it’s not possible yet, but this is already on our backlog, together with other related issues, e.g. the minimum length of a glissando line after a system break.

  5. I don’t think you’re quite right about this. I find that grace notes track the pointer quite well when I drag them.

That was quick! As always, thanks for your reply, Daniel.

Sorry, I wasn’t quite clear. Sometimes when I have a run of grace notes leading to a normal note I want to equalize the space between the grace notes and the space between the last grace note and the normal note without changing the global option you mentioned. That is a little awkward with the note spacing tool, but possible. So, never mind. :slight_smile:

Either I wasn’t clear once more or this happens only on my computer: I was talking about dragging the beams of grace notes in engrave mode. When I click on one of the handles and start dragging, the beam jumps upwards about one space and moves from there. It jumps back when I release it.

The grace note problem doesn’t happen for me. I guess it has been fixed since 1.1.10.

I would like to second Florian’s praise on note spacing - I’ve been inputting some Beethoven sonatas for my theory class, and it is just jaw dropping how I can get very close to Schenker’s edition (Dover), just by tweaking global settings for note spacing, staff spacing, etc. Not to mention the accidentals that automatically appear above mordents. Spectacular!

And I’d like to second #3! I’m engraving an organ score that is condensed down to grand staff (no independent pedal line) that has whole notes tied in inner voices and outer voices around them. The ties need to be quite thin to allow it to all fit clearly and in the original hand-engraved source, all the ties/slurs are one thickness except for these inner voices which were made thinner. Can’t do it at the moment. I look forward to this feature.

Daniel, I just came across this problem again when I adjusted beams in a cue. Here’s a gif to show you what I mean:

scaled beams.gif

I experience the same problem on a brand new file started from scratch in 1.2
The grace notes slant does not comply to the preferences set in Engraving options (especially the slant, that is reversed — my two grace notes are going up and the slant is going down). When I adjust it in Engrave mode, the same bouncing Florian experiences happens when I click on the beam.