A few suggestions for spectralayers 9

Hello Steinberg,

I have a few suggestions for Spectralayers 9 that I just purchased for issues that make me a hard time.

  1. There is no option to view the sum of their left and right channels, which is very necessary for seeing a bigger view if the left and right views is not necessary at times.

  2. Shortcut option to view left and right or sum in the right side panel when the panel is hidden.

  3. and analyzer view mode, sometimes I just need spectralayers to show me the spectrogram of the track and that’s it, no need for the left, right and upper panels, no need for tools, no need the menu, just pure analyzer with the 3-D handle and switch between left right and Sum.

  4. correlation between the locators and locators to selection (cycle) in Cubase, and the locators and locators to selection (cycle) in spectralayers, so when I am doing a cycle in Cubase, the same should happen in spectralayers and the opposite, my issue with not having it is that when I’m doing a cycle in Cubase, then in spectralayers it will not follow, when the cycle in Cubase comes to the end and then go to the start than in spectralayers the spectrogram will continue and will not show what Cubase play at the moment but the rest of the track. spectralayers spectrogram in this situation should go to the start of the cycle at the same time that Cubase does.

  5. the unmix levels is an amazing feature, but it could be better, if you will somehow make it a multiband frequency and a multiband level that would be perfect. For example, now there is an option for removing or selecting only the upper part or the lower part of the level, but what if I want to select or remove a part in the middle of the level? So 3 layers level would be great, another option that I needed, I wanted to remove a part from the lower level but only in the High-frequency section, eventually I did it by unmixing the levels and putting the lower level track in a multiband host plug-in, then I muted only the high-frequency band of the low level (there were some clicks in that part), so that would be amazing to have inside unmix levels, a frequency multiband of at least three bands that I can bypass if I want to unmix and remove only the lower level of the high-frequency section.

Agree, it would be elegant to be able to unmix only a selected area.

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  1. There’s indeed no sum view, but you can solo a channel in the Channels panel, this will enlarge it and hide the others.
  2. Duly noted
  3. Try pressing the Tab key, this will maximize the spectrogram by collapsing the panels and tools to the side, you can also do View > Fullscreen in combination to that to get extra space.
  4. There are some ARA limitations here, but let’s see what can be improved…
  5. Nice idea. I’ll see if something can make it in SL10.

Thank you for your suggestions,

1 - Unfortunately this is not ideal, as sometimes one instrument is only on one side, and then you can miss it and will not see it, but sum will show it.

3 - That is useful indeed thanks, but this is the best online DAW spectrogram that I have seen till now, and it will be very useful to use it as a pure analyzer, though it will be a pre-insert analyzer which is kind of a compromise, I really wish to have this spectrogram as a separate VST analyzer, that will be perfect.

2-4-5 - Thank you, I really appreciate it.