A few weeks later..


So my initial install of cubase 10 was a disaster.

I installed on a windows 7 pro system that hadn’t seen the internet in two and a half years, and it was the fourth Cubase install on that computer. (8.5, 9, 9.5, 10)

Like others I’ve gotten weird and frustrating behavior from the installation:
-Lots of random shut downs (everything just disappearing)
-Having to ditch my preferences.
-Lots of blacklisted vst’s (64 bit, yes) INCLUDING cubase 10 native .dll’s :laughing:

So I decided that it might be worth the trouble to install windows 10 and start fresh. (BTW the free upgrade politic from 7-8 still works, I’ve been told)

Now it’s working fine, and I like it a lot. My concerns with it are still here, I’ve discussed them in some other threads (regarding audio align, right-click menu, colors). BUT the ''inexcusable’’ issues are gone. Also, my old cubase project load perfectly now, minus rare occasions where my VST settings are reset, and of course, the global preferences.

I don’t believe that you should have to reinstall windows every time you upgrade a DAW (again, I’ve never had that happen before, and I’ve kept my DAWs offline for 8 years now). I understand that this can be a major frustration for some. Time IS valuable especially if you’re on a shift.

All in all, it doesn’t excuse anything, but I am just trying to be fair with Steinberg. The WORSE case scenario might be needed. In my case it was.

I lost 10 days configuring everything in my system but now I am glad I have, and I can say that I’ve never been this excited about using Cubase, because now it works better than it ever has.

Glad to hear it. Probably quite a few others would be well off to move up to W10. I know some people have specific reason that they CAN’T go to W10 but many are just skeptical and I was too but it has been working really well for about 2 years now (I think? I upgraded within a few months of release).

I actually had a bit better performance with 9.5 under windows 7 pro offline, than I currently have on the same hardware on cubase 10 / windows 10.

But I’m not done tweaking and we’re damn close already. And everything feels a bit snappier, which is great.

I think my problems had to do with the fact that I didn’t update the system for two and a half years, and did four cubase installs total on that machine over the past few years.

I am sure that there are still people running offline daws, which is why I did this thread. It was a big commitment to re-install everything without being sure that my issues would be sorted… but it worked.

I still run Win7 and I had a few issues, too. I had to reinstall my OS, as well. What I have found is that - for whatever reason I still don’t understand - C10 will not release the ASIO driver on my Mackie 1640i no matter what I clicked on or tried. I finally arrived at the idea of using the Windows MME driver and my Mackie outputs for all my ‘secondary’ programs: RX7, Ozone 8, HOFA DDP Cd Burner, WL Pro, and Windows Media Player. Everything was working as it should and I could edit in both RX7 and WLPro from C10 without a hiccup. Then recently I engaged Hyper Threading. I will report that even though I only have 4 processors and 8G of ram, this rather antiquated PC is doing really well. It’s actually rather amazing, and C10 is a part of that experience. C10 is a remarkable DAW I think. I do regret that some of it’s shortcuts have seemingly vanished, but I won’t complain.

I am scheduled to upgrade my computer this new year but I might just hang with Win7. With a newer MB and 32G of faster ram I can’t imagine I could want for anything more. I do hear good things about Win10, yes, but I am not sure. At least with Win7 I can quickly navigate a proper setup. Jaslan, your thoughts on Win10 have not fallen on deaf ears…

I am on Windows 8.1 and have had no issues with C10. I have been put off moving to Windows 10 because, firstly C10 works fine and secondly that Windows 10 issue with multi cores might be a problem for me, that as things stand I’m not prepared to risk…

Curious which multicore issue you mean? If you’re talking about the issues with high-core/thread count CPUs and Windows 10 + Cubase (the MMCSS issue), then that has been addressed pretty well in Cubase 10. I’ve been impressed so far.


Not trying to suggest you move over to Win 10, but if that’s what’s been holding you back, then you’ll likely be in good shape now.

On an old windows 7 64 machine here from even older then C8 (C6 I believe) and working first time. I did remove the preferences folder of the older ciubases when installing 10 so it is fresh. Working fine here, except I really have to get used to not having the tools menu on rightclick and some missing entries from the rightclick menu.

I hear you. I’ve been on win 7 for a good 7 years now, I know it by heart. I had it HIGHLY tweaked, and my CPU performance was just unbelievable in this offline custom environnement.

It was frustrating for sure to move to win 10. In my short experience with w10, I know that some automatic updates also reset some preference and registry too, which is a major annoyance. But now that I know how to get around its features, I find it nice, and the issues I couldn’t fix were fixed by MS techs using their support chat. All in all I have a great feeling after 10 days of sheer rage, which is a good sign that I am authentically enthusiastic :laughing:

I’ll tell you that; it took much less tweaking to achieve a stable daw then it did with w7, even though I am yet to reach that level of performance (I’d say I’m about 95% there, but now I still got the internet haha)

The reason that got me to switch, was that ultimately, I had planned to keep my system offline (not so sure about that now!) , so I knew I’d most likely reinstall a fresh install in 2-3 years again, when the same situation occur, and at that point win 7 won’t be supported anymore so I’d be forced to switch to 10 anyways,

With that in mind, and considering the fact that you can still upgrade to w10 for free if you have a 7 or 8 key… I went for it

Thanks for that. However my machine works well as it is and I would rather not introduce a potentially destabilising change.