A Focus Button

Sort of a soft solo, instead of solo, drop all other tracks by a user definable db amount so you don’t need to mess around with your mix when trying to listen to individual tracks.

As screen real estate is at a premium, this feature could be enabled using the solo button, ie one clock solo, two clicks focus (or 'tother way round user definable).

That’s what the Listen button is for. You have to enable the control room!

Indeed, but like a lot of people I don’t use the control room as on bigger projects it pushes my PC over the edge into CPU starvation. I’d like the feature in basic Cubase, I’m sure it would be trivial to code and very useful.

The control room isn’t a CPU munching feature - or I just have not realized this…

Anyway, it has a lot of different possibilites and one of them is exactly what you’re asking for. You don’t have to do much more than enabling it, set your main outs to ‘not connected’ and connect the control room outs instead. In the control room part of the mixer you get a dim slider that’s corresponding with the L-button.

Can’t imagine that eats up a serious amount of computing power! I run projects with up to 250 tracks, lots of plugins etc. - no problem here.

Once you go CR you can’t go back.

I’ve never noticed any difference in CPU with the Control Room. My computer is not that powerful, so I would notice that, I think?

Control Room is one of the greatest feature in Cubase! Can´t live without it.
Don´t understand why people are afraid of it…