A FXP/FXB converter to vstpreset format please?

Before I explain, I’m not referring to the Cubase “convert program list to vst presets” found with any inserted plug-in. That works as intended, but only for factory presets already installed in whatever plug-in you are using.

I’m asking for a 3rd party preset converter where you can highlight for example, a hundred .fxp presets, convert them to .vstpreset, and then move those converted presets into the appropriate folder so they will always be available for loading under the Cubase preset loader.

A good example is UAD. When you open any UAD plug you have the option of loading a preset under the UAD system or loading a preset under the Cubase system. For anyone who isn’t aware, those installed UAD presets when loading under the UAD method in the drop-down is just a very small sample of all UAD presets. You will find many more under the engineers name that you are forced to manually import. And if you remove that plug-in then add it back, that UAD plug-in reverts to it’s factory presets.

The same method works for Cubase “import fxp/fxb” Choosing that takes you to Explorer where you can only import one preset at a time. The advantage of using the Cubase import fxp/fxb is that whatever presets you import to vstpreset will always be there in the future regardless of removing the plug-in.

So does any such convertor exist?

Well, if it exists, a google search should reveal it, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.
There is one for the other way round

It should be possible to write that, but the documentation for those file formats is rather sparse and hard to find. If it wasn’t summer, I’d maybe give it a try.

i personally recommend against using vstpresets for third part plugins anyway and use the plugin’s own preset mechanism, if possible. The reason is that that’s the only way to make sure that the presets are compatible with VST2/3 or future versions, if the developers don’t give enough attention to VST class IDs and compatibility (which a lot just don’t).

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There is always…fall. :joy:

I think soon UAD will release VST3 so maybe, as you say (I’m not sure) VST3 versions will not be able to use all the vstpresets I have imported under VST2.

I do know that if you import an fxp and convert it to vstpreset, and then move that vst preset into the UADx folder, it will not work. UAD and UADx are different formats.

But still, I like the advantage of once imported to vstpreset, those presets are always there in the future…organized in preset folders. In UAD for every engineer who created a preset for most any given tool, you will find many more from that same engineer by importing fxp.

You can’t do that with the UAD preset method. You can import a fxp and it will be there for the session, but once you remove the plug from the Cubase insert, then re-install it, you’re out of luck.

Thanks for the reply!

I did some coding and experimenting, and I am pretty sure it is not really possible for FXP files. For FXB files, it works, but then loading those in Cubase manually is generally doable, because there are simply not so many of them.

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Thank you for trying!