A Ghost Audio from a blank track


I am sorry to post it here, this time I made a sub-title to make it clear about the issue.
Please look at the video:

  • I have an audio track which I delete most of event, just kept the one I need. That audio track was duplicated from the original (Both Enlarge as you may see in the video).
  • In the second track, the audio is still sounding, although there is nothing, no any audio event inside it.
  • I didn’t do anything with this track, except deleting the data which I don’t need.
  • It happen many times to me, and there is still no rule I can figure out till now.
  • I don’t do too much complicated process on those project, as they are from a live concert. But it is still happen.
  • This kind of issue never happen to me since Cubase 5
    I still have to film the screen by phone’s camera, as I am still working on my client’s deadline. It save time to zoom and edit the video.

Please consider, admin and moderator.
I am on Mac OS Big Sur, Macbook Pro 2019 i7.
Cubase 12.0.52
All other applications are legal and up-to-date.

Thank you.

Are you sure that you do not have any audio on other lanes on that track?

Yes, it is a “one lane only” file, recorded at a live concert. I am working on those original.
I faced this since Cubase 12, It never happened on Cubase 11 or sooner version.

It was just a thought. It’s certainly a strange one.

Ctrl+ right click
Remove unused media files
Empty trash

& make sure “show all tracks” is selected maybe

Not sure if any of that will help but it’s worth a try

I’ve never come across this problem until I saw your post and then suddenly today it happened to me!

The only change i’ve made is that I installed protools today because I had to open a file. May or may not have anything to do with it.

In my case I was able to identify what tracks were playing when they shouldn’t be - extend the audio event to where the ghost audio was playing - cut where I wanted the audio to stop and that seemed to fix the problem.

Hi Manike,

At least you got an experiment with it. Actually I face it many times, due to my job, working on Live audio data most of the time. After a long time, I consider that, duplicate or copy/paste, then working on edit the duplicated data may cause this issue.
Sometimes if you feel vari audio or wrap editing doesn’t work as you want, try to delete the audio event, you may see it happen. It looks like the track is freeze suddenly.
I believe I didn’t do anything wrong, because I have to handle many more complicated processes, and I always take care each of them carefully.
Especially, when an issue disappears itself after restarting Cubase, it must be the software’s issue.

Anyway thank you for caring about. I stuck with this problem for a really long time since Cubase 12.

Do you have protools installed? Like I said I’ve never had this problem until yesterday when I installed protools.

I don’t use Protools. So bad I can’t describe step by step the issue. It just suddenly happens.
The 1st time was when I recorded for a kid. I muted then deleted all audio events from the draft track, but it still sounded. I had to mute that track to keep working. I happened right in front of my customers.

Thanks, I tried it a few times but it didn’t solve the problem. Restart Cubase, it’s fine. Then, it just suddenly happens again in another project.