A Global Dynamic setting for multiple parts?


Re: Does only one know how you insert the same global dynamics in multiple parts in a full orchestral score all at once rather than having to input them in individual lines?

I tried selecting the first note of all my instruments in the score and only the first instrument at the top was allocated the desired dynamic.

Is there some type of global message I can access? This would surely be a huge time saver if there was a global setting/preference.

Many thanks for any insight!


Not yet possible.

Dorico does have the underlying support for this, but no user interface to allow it just yet: if you copy and paste the dynamic from one staff to the other staves at the same rhythmic position, Dorico will actually group them together such that if you later select one of them and edit it using the Dynamics panel in Write mode, all of them will change.

I just found out about this feature today, it is pretty great if you are adding a prefix or suffix to a dynamic!

Hi again Daniel,

Funny enough I accidentally discovered this feature you speak of yesterday when I was in engrave mode and had to edit a dynamic in one of my parts with instantly moved another in a different part but same rhythmic position and I found that feature absolutely brilliant.

I look forward to the day an interface will be able to compliment your innovative thinking!