A half note covering a quarter note in another voice

Hey! Classical guitar notation is complicated. I’m wondering if there’s a different solution than what I’m using. In the 2nd and 3rd voices we have the same A note, in the 2nd it is a quarter note, while in the 3rd it is a half note. I want to achieve the effect like my example. So that the notes are not next to each other, and that the half note covers the quarter note. If there is an eighth note in 2 and a quarter note in 3, the quarter note automatically covers the quarter notes head. I do it this way: in the engraving mode I hide the head of the quarter note in the 2nd voice, and the half note in the 3rd voice is moved manually to the place of the quarter note using voice column X offset. Then I manually move the notes apart so that they are proportional. Maybe there’s a faster way? Regards!

Welcome to the forum, @tomaszt81. If you’re using Dorico Pro or Dorico Elements, take a look at the Voices page in Notation Options, where you’ll find options relating to this.

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Yes exactly, see here:

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You are awesome! Thank you very much! That’s exactly what I meant!