A Horror Story

Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve just finished a new tune. Please have a listen and comment if you could :mrgreen:




Hi Kris, when I read the title, I was actually dreading listening thinking it’d be music from my least favourite movie genre. :stuck_out_tongue: Alas, I was surprised. I think that you’ve managed to do something very difficult. The tune isn’t what I’d call melodic, but you’ve managed to create a rather addictive hook here. So addictive that it kept me listening on and wanting to hear it again lol. I can also imagine it actually being on some weird Japanese horror movie or something like that. It’s seeming to invoke some kind of nostalgia (perhaps a videogame memory) that I can’t quite pinpoint. Very well done, an unusually enjoyable listen. :smiling_imp: I did think that it went on a tad too long though.

A good dance/rave feel and annoyingly catchy but no real melody happening anywhere…these tracks seem to be ten a penny nowadays and to stand apart from the rest you need a good melody…call me old fashioned but I need a tune !!..Kevin