A Leapfrog story

Ecxept I also need some enhanced post pro features…
Not a goog strategy IMO
Every other company release one package, then strip features by license.

I think, the people who decided to go this way for a long time (Cubase + Nuendo) are not employed at SB any more. Cubase is a familiar name in the music scene and bring together the two progs and change the name in “Cubendo” :wink: or “Cubase-Post” would be a difficult step for the crew at SB and the marketing too … IMHO.

Difficult in the short term perhaps.

How about thinking about it this way:

Obviously Nuendo has a much smaller part of the market. And globally, I doubt it has a very large part of the post-market either. So, whomever is running Nuendo today in a professional post facility knows what it can and cannot do and thinks it’s worth using it instead of the industry standard. For any such person switching name to Cubase, or Cubase+, or Cubase Post, whatever the “full” version with “post” features would be called, would be no big deal I’m guessing.

After all, any client that would have a problem using a post production studio because it uses “Cubase” (the name) would likely be having a problem with ANY software that is not Pro Tools.

Really, I think there’s only a long term gain to be had.


I would prefer to call Cubase Nuendo Lite!

I need 2 licenses, for 2 workstations, and as long as Cubase and Nuendo projects translate well (as they seem to at present - I can move a project between N4.3 and C6) I’m fairly happy.

If I need the new C6 music editing tools, I use Cubase, ifI want better Video capability, it’s Nuendo.

NEK upgrade charges rankle. It’s a lot of money for no new functionality (well, I suppose HalionSonic SE, but I have the full version anyway)

for the first time since Nuendo 1 I haven’t upgraded,Nuendo 4 is my last version. Over the last few years I’ve ended up using Cubase as it’s always been the one with the latest features and as a music producer the extra post features on nuendo haven’t been needed.

I will add that I’ve just done my first picture work using cubase 6 x64,and was a little worried about the whole format/codec etc issues as the video was coming out of a Mac and going to my pc based machine. The director sent me a dvd with an 75 min quicktime file from final cut pro and it just imported perfectly into cubase 6 x64,and runs as smooth as silk, so even for picture work it seems cubase works well.