A list of issues I've experienced with Cubase 12

Here is an email I sent to Steinberg tonight I’m out of ideas and completely frustrated. I am posting here to see if anyone else has similar issues and for the possibility of getting help sooner. I forgot to mention that I’m unsure if the audio issue when editing audio in the sample editor is related to ARA or not. But seems to have happened with Vocalign and Melodyne… As you can see I mentioned the fact that I copied my RamPresets to the current Cubase folder so I would have my old settings (well mostly groove templates. This is from Cubase 9 or 10 and on a PC so if my issues are isolated then this could be a possibility I guess? Any insight here is greatly appreciated guys, this current Cubase has made me sound like a complete noob but I’ve been using it since i was 12 I’m almost 35 lol, and just took a few years break from it and this is tripping me up a lot. I never thought for one moment that this would be less stable on a MAC.

Thank you.


Im writing to see if I can schedule a remote support session. After a hiatus of making music as I was building out commercial studios the last few years im back in the production seat myself and have upgraded all my own personal software. I had not used cubase since. Cubase 10 and up to that point I was on PC. I have now moved to Mac and upgrade all my software including Cubase to the latest version 12.0.30 .

I have nothing but issues since I have installed to the point where it is unusable especially in a professional setting, my first session went terrible with lots of crashes. The system im using is a iMac 2019 i9 with 72 GB ram. It was a completely fresh install of OS Monterey with nothing else on it other than my music software. For the most part I use an Apollo twin.

Some issues I have been having include the following

  • Random crashes with and without 3rd party plugins loaded sometimes no plugins at all
  • Groove agent 5 full version crashes the system.
  • After a certain crash my whole preferences settings were deleted and went back to factory defaults.
  • sometimes after a crash I see in the doc a terminal exec vst2pluginscanner stating some message about illegal usage.
  • After editing some audio parts the part becomes silent, you can visually see the audio and nothing is muted but the audio won’t play unless Cubase is rebooted
  • after time stretching audio some of it becomes super crushed and almost inaudible and choppy.
  • The audio editor does not follow or loop like the project window.

These are just some of the issues I can think of. I see other complaints on the forums but im not sure if something is off with my system? This is insanity, the only thing I can think of is I moved my Rampresets file I had saved on the PC? Would this effect it?

If so during the session maybe we can go back to default if there is a way to retain my groove templates? Please let me know if someone can please check my system as this is preventing me from working, thank you so much!


Could you attach the crash/ips file(s), please?

Make sure, you have the latest Groove Agent update installed, please. Could you attach the crash/ips file(s), please?

The preferences is stored while quit. If Cubase doesn’t quit properly, the preferences changed during that runtime are not going to be stored.

Could you attach the crash/ips file(s), please?

Could you provide step by step repro, please?

What kind of signal was it? How much did you stretch it?

Could you provide step by step repro, please?

Another new issue from tonight. I left the computer idle for a little bit and came back to it, Cubase was open, a session with no plugins just an audio track I edited. I could not click anything, space bare would play music, and stop, but that’s it. Other buttons such as 1 to go back to start would only trigger a system error sound. I could hover over things and see the little popup text but could not click anything, this also happened before. Someone, please help.

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Can you help me locate the crash/ips file ? Another user pointed me and I could not locate.

Groove agent and cubase are both up to date. The preference profile i referred to was already saved from previous use, nothing new. I stretched the audio one bar not much at all.

It was a stereo drum loop of a wav sample recorded from a song i was sampling

Could it be the fact I copied my rampreset file causing all this havoc? Have you seen anyone else having any of these issues?


Yes, it could.

Hmm. Thats what im starting to think also, its from an old version and also from PC, now im on mac,

The only thing i want from that is my groove templates, they are custom and they show up in my quantize presets is there anyway to extract these and go from scratch?

Even something as simple as changing the project root key to an E i see D$ and a G makes an H… Crazy stuff happening all over.


Crash/ips files are here:
Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).

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I have had the same issue with audio becoming silent. It appears to happen with audio events that have been edited with Melodyne via ARA. These were edited in Cubase 11. I had even exported to a stereo master and found a complete solo missing. When I went back to no ARA extension the audio came back (without edits of course). I am using a PC with an 8 core i7 using Windows 11. The random crashes are happening to me too. I would love to go back to Windows 10 and Cubase Pro 11, it was rock solid. I use to be able to change sample rates seamlessly but now I have to reset my audio driver by switching to ‘no driver’ and back to my ASIO driver . There are some nice workflow improvements in Cubase 12 but the instability I’m experiencing is certainly not worth the upgrade.

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Ok well, that at least lets me know I’m not crazy, same here Melodyne BUT I can also confirm that same has happened with spectral layers 100% and multiple times. We are on different systems which sure makes it point to Cubase it seems!

What a little unsettling here is that you are using an older Cubase which may mean Steinberg doesn’t have a clue about this particular issue. I wonder if many more are having it, or what else we may share in common with our installations …

I need to clean my Macbook up a little to install it on there and test it out and see if the same happens.

I’ve got Cubase 12 installed on my Macbook Pro M1 as well. I haven’t used it much. I’ll check for similar issues there. The problem with the Mac is that it has stuff all IO. Only 2 USB C ports and one is used for power roll eyes.

Yea even if you could re-create the ARA issue that would be interesting. A new issue today, a little idea i messed with last night has an instance of ARCADE with midi data, it wont play back correctly, the keys trigger it but the midi data wont, i opened it on new track copied the data, still nothing!

These issues seriously have me wanting to throw iMac out the window.

Using the docked editor is another nightmare not allowing me use key commands to restart etc, not syncing with project window… Where does this end.

Is there any way to upload videos on here so I can show some issues? Today I typed in tempo 100, but it displays weird characters and says 111.111.11. it works as 100 though. Same if I change the project key it shows the wrong key and then if you do a sharp it shows the wrong key with a $ symbol lol.

All i see in the logs is this, there is nothing showing in crash logs on the console…

Hi @eldean0 ,

Just drag them into the text box

https://www.screentogif.com/ if you’re needing an app