A little advice needed...

Hi everyone,

Currently I use “Cubase LE AI Elements 8” (I think).
When I startup Cubase I (now and then) get an offer to upgrade to “Cubase Elements 8”. I can choose for “Upgrade now”. When I select this option it links me to the Steinberg-Shop. Here I see a link “learn more about Cubase Elements 8”. See screenshot…

When I choose this link (to order the upgrade) it links me to the Cubase Elements 9.5 version! See screenshot…
Here I can choose to: Buy the full version or upgrade from "LE, AI".
The upgrade appears to have the same price as the offer I see when I start up Cubase.

Leaves me with three simple questions:

1: Witch version am I using? The shortcut on my desktop made by Cubase says “Cubase LE AI Elements 8”. When I select “Help/About Cubase…” in the Cubase Menu-bar, it says “Cubase AI”. See screenshot…

2: Can I use these steps (upgrade from my Cubase LE AI Elements 8) to Cubase Elements 9.5? Or are this two different versions?

3: Will the upgrade acquire a new installation (do I loose all my settings?). If so, is there a way to ‘backup’ my settings?

I (almost) feel a little embarrassed to have to ask these questions but I want to be sure I’m following the right steps.
Thanks in advance for your explanation.



You’re using Cubase AI. The offer is still valid, but it’s only possible to update to the latest version, which right now is Cubase Elements 9.5.

Cubase Elements 9.5 will be installed side by side with Cubase 8. Your Cubase 8 settings will be imported when run your new version for the first time.

Thanks Romantique for clarifying.

Now that it’s clear to me that Cubase 9.5 Elements is the correct upgrade I’ll download it this week.
I also hope that this will fix my “Groove Agent” since It’s present on my Pc but not selectable as a VST-instrument :frowning: .

Anyway, thanks again for your reply :wink: ,



And we’re back :wink:
I’ve compared Cubase AI (my version) with Cubase Elements and again I got confused. If Cubase “AI” is the middle-version of the 3 versions available (Pro, AI and Elements) am I taking “one step forward and two steps back” when I upgrade (downgrade?) to Cubase Elements, since this is the most light version of Cubase?

The way I see the various versions of Cubase it all gets a bit clouded.
Steinberg offers 3 versions, correct? The Pro-version, The Artist version and the Elements version.
So am I to understand the “Artist-version” is called AI, and the Elements-version LE?

Thanks in advance for your reply :wink:

No, that’s not how it works. There are 5 versions available, tiered like this:

Cubase Pro > Cubase Artist > Cubase Elements > Cubase AI > Cubase LE

Cubase Elements has all of the features of Cubase AI and more. Cubase AI and LE are OEM versions that are included for free with audio hardware and have a reduced set of features. They also work like a $50 voucher for any other version. If you upgrade to Cubase Elements, it’s like buying Elements for $49 instead of $99. You don’t lose any money if you then decide to upgrade Elements to Artist or Pro.

And we’re…in business :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your explanation about the different Cubase versions. I just upgraded Cubase to Elements 9.5. The download took about 10 minutes including the latest update. The online registration went smooth, and of course my license added the 9.5. version. My previous version 8 isn’t visible anymore.

The installation itself was simple although there was a problem with the location (another partition) witch gave me the “path to long” error.
My previous settings were copied so it only required some minor adjustments (like the default path to my songs) to get my compositions available for the new version. Once I am familiar with the new options I’ll uninstall CB-AI.
B.t.w. The new ‘voucher-offer’ made me laugh out loud and is also very tempting.

For now, thanks for your help and we’ll meet again in another topic :wink: