A little help with chords

Hello again,

I wrote a small piece for trio (piano, cello and violins) and placed chords in the piano grand-staff.

Then I wanted to copy it for orchestra. I copied the notes in the Piano, Violins I and Cello staves, then I selected the chords and copied it on the orchestra’s piano staff. What happened is that the chords appears also in the Marimba and Double Bass staves too. If I select a cord on Double Bass to delete it, it will be deleted on the other staves too.

What I’ve done wrong?


In Dorico chords are System-Objects, attached to the Systemtrack, not to individual players/instruments. That means you don’t need to copy them, but select which stave shall show them.
You can do that in Setup:

  • select the player
  • right click
  • subMenu Chordsymbols → various options (which are stored per player)

Sounds like you want to select “Hide for all instruments” for Marimba, Bass,…

Further to Jeff’s reply, try this.

Thank you very much.