A little question about download access code

I have to buy a Steinberg ur44
The notebook was trying to make a lot of error-free installation.
Fortunately it did not cause any error.

However, the problem occurs and fell on the notebook.
It is installed on a notebook with ten years later it was obviously a problem.

The notebook format, which was the attempt to install a new one.
This problem has been started.

  1. The fell on the license code and controller is replaced.
    2.Enter Download access code and click the
    Cubase ai go to the input 8 serial code
    It could receive two codes.
    But as the code entered in Cubase is the first product ur44
    The problems that can not be registered in hardware occurred.

  2. Click the Maintenance controls and enter into a license
    I received a new code.
    But if this code is the first code that created, also it received a new grant to code
    The same symptoms occurred.

  3. Why will not be used again to enter download access code?
    Click the tab to enter download access code using the download access code
    Cubase code, being able to receive basic fx code download access code
    Is not it telling that the code be available?

  4. If you try to add hardware, audio interface and a serial code input ur44
    When you enter the download access code causes an error.
    Why an error code to disable this?
    I would like to normally used in addition to the hardware by using this code.

  5. What method can be used normally, whether I really want to know.
    Is not the problem that give anyone tell me?
    I wait your reply …