A lot of Samples and loops missing?

I´m on mac High Sierra. My problem is that after a install of cubase 10.5.5 I saw that a lot of Samples and loops where missing. After that I uninstalled this Cubase 10.5.5 v and the old ones (9.5 and 9.0).
Made a new full installation of c10.5.5 an now I got only two icons in the Samples and Loops window. ( see att files)
Is there anyone out there that can give me some hints about what too do?
Cause the support from Steiny nowdays are a pain in the A… to bad though!

All the best to u guys! :smiley:

See if Library Manager can do something for you:

Oh yes! missed that one. THANX!! :slight_smile:
That did the trick.

Discovered it myself just recently. Nice tool :slight_smile: