A loud Buzz in audio ?

When I click monitor in audio I get a very loud buzz. I can’t get rid of this buzz unless I click off monitor.
Then I am not able to record. What could stop this buzz? Anyone? I’m stuck-- again I know.

I’m using an iMac OSX 10.6.8 With Cubase 6 . Sorry I should have told you.

Sounds like a problem with your audio interface. or setup of the input connections from your audio interface.

What interface are you using?
Are you using the correct driver for your interface in device setup?
Have you setup up the proper inputs in VST Connectons?
Have you selected those inputs on your audio track?
What are you trying to record (Microphone, line input, instrument Input) and is it plugged into an appropriate input on your interface?
Are all your cables good?

Just a few things that come to mind.


Thanks for the reply----I did find the problem with the interface. All is good again. Some how I screwed it up when I was trying to get my micrphone to work and not the built-in microphone. It all started with the in-put problem.