A lower zone hybrid drum editor/beat designer would make cubase complete

If steinberg could combine both features into one lower zone tab, that would be great. Each lane could have its own grid like drum editor for example lane 1 is 1/4 lane 2 is 1/16 etc. Each lane can have its own swing knob like beat designer. The ability to drag each lanes midi to the project window and you can create music so much faster . Grove agent will probably be implented in the lower zone so we have the ability to drag samples to each lane.Add presets for each lane, and a note repeat function for each note and you have a sold drum pattern editor. Pic included for imagination purposes

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I agree. I think I mentioned that in a Facebook group and some Cubase users didn’t understand the point of this. Here’s an example for anyone wondering. In Studio One, the pattern tool allows you to construct looping patterns. So it’s similar to Beat Designer except it automatically places the MIDI as a repeating loop in a MIDI event.

This would enhance what Beat Designer partially does.

Yes, yes. This would be a welcome addition.